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 Audition Video Details for Prospective/New Students

Any new/prospective students should have already submitted their application along with the $25 audition fee.

The application is below:


The $25 audition fee should be mailed to:

GBYO/GBYSO Auditions 342 Young Street Tonawanda, NY 14150


Students will submit a YouTube video playing a solo of their choice (3-4 minute excerpt of it) and the audition excerpts.  The date to submit the video is Friday, June 11th. Late submissions will NOT be accepted. I suggest making the video and uploading it a few days beforehand, in case there are any issues.

If you do not know how to upload a video into YouTube, please watch this video I created below:


It is very important to get the video link to YouTube.

Students must fill out this Audition Submission Form and the YouTube video link must be in there. This is how the judges will view the videos.

The Audition Video Form is below for any student that would be considered NEW:



Seating Audition Details for Current Students


Current students should have already submitted the "returning member form" which is below: 




Current students will also submit a seating audition video.  The video will include a solo excerpt of their choice (3-4 minutes long) and the audition excerpts.  They should submit their video in the form below by June 11th:




Things to Remember for the Video:


  1.  Students must perform all excerpts and a solo excerpt (3-4 minutes long) of their choice.  The order on the video does not matter.

  2. Students should face away from the camera.  The camera should record their back so judges do not see their face.

  3. No talking in the video.  The judges will be able to tell the difference between the excerpts and solo.

  4. Both the solo and excerpts should be on ONE video.


If you have any questions or are having a problem uploading the video to YouTube, please email zychgbyo@gmail.com